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special thanks to UVic Humanities Computing and Media Centre and Half-Baked Software for images and software (see below)

Featured videos for practice:

Describing People 1    
Describing People 2    

Articles Quiz (a4esl) / A or An (EFLNet)

Possessive Pronouns (EFLNet)

Simple Present 1 (Adele's ESL Corner)

Simple Present 2 (Adele's ESL Corner)

Simple present or continuous (University of Victoria)

To Be / To Be Negative (Adele's ESL Corner)

Question Words (Adele's ESL Corner)

Present Tense of Be (Adele's ESL Corner)

Do/Does (Adele's ESL Corner)

Count/Non-Count Nouns (EFLNet)

Non-countablle nouns word search (Charles Kelly)

Count Nouns Shooting (EFLNet)

Food Quantifiers (ESL Partyland)

Any/Some (EFLNet)

Much/Many (EFLNet)


Future Tense with "Going To" Quiz 1 (a4esl)

Future: going to (Adele's ESL Corner)

There is / There are (Adele's ESL Corner)

Plurals (EFLNet)

Past Tense

TPR Exercises from Henny Jelema (VERY COOL!)

Vocabulary Quizzes for ESL

I'm reading from Starfall (for children, but very good reading/listening activties)


Statesman Journal: Apartment Ads

Read about Peter the Teacher

Getting acquainted dialog

Simple Present Quiz

Adjectives |

Banking / Money

Make the Correct Change

Dollars and Cents Quiz


Final -S (EFLNet) | Final -S (English Zone)


Lots of Quizzes

The Internet Picture Dictionary

Months of the year

Language Adventure Quizzes (with sound)


Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Adel's ESL Corner:

The Family - 1
The Family - 2
The Family - 3

Bi-lingual vocabulary Quizzes



Family, Community and Work

Happy New Year! | Quiz

A Special Christmas Present


Two Sisters and a Cat

The Hours That Count in My Life (difficult)


Randall's Basic Self-Study Guide

Special thanks to the people who provided clip art and software that I have used in this site:

Many of the activities feature images courtesy of the University of Victoria's Language Teaching Clip Art Library and Half-Baked Software which also provides the software, HotPotatoes, which was used to create the interactive activities. http://web.uvic.ca/hcmc/clipart/

Also, some images are courtesy of Purdue University's Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction http://www.sla.purdue.edu/fll/JapanProj/FLClipart/default.html