Using my.chemeketa Email

Sending email

So, you're ready to communicate on a global level with Internet email?! Well, let's start on a slightly smaller scale. Do this to insure that you can send and receive email correctly!

The graphics and look of my.chemeketa email may change, but the concept is the same.

Reading email

Reading your mail is even easier.

If you received both the original message and the reply, you are ready to send email to other people on the Internet. If you did not receive the messages something went wrong and you should try again. You can practice sending messages to other members of the class. Use the student email addresses found on the Instructor's Office page and send email to other students. Do not expect an immediate response because the people you pick to send email to may not read their email every day.


Gmail, like other email programs, allows you to attach document files to the email message. Attaching a file allows you to send a file such as a graphic file or word processing file along with your email message. This allows the recipient to work with the original file with all of its formatting intact. When using Gmail, you click the "Attach a file" link on the Compose page to attach files to your messages. Attachments that are sent to you are shown as a link at the end of the email message. To download the attachment to your computer, simply click the link.

Other Features

Email doesn't always arrive at its destination. If you need to resend something that didn't arrive you can look for it in your "Sent Mail". Click the Sent Mail link to see a list of the email messages that you have sent. You can click on a message and then forward it to send it again.

As you start to receive a lot of email messages, you may want to save them for later. If you keep all of your messages in your Inbox, it will quickly become a cluttered mess. Gmail allows you to use multiple folders (called labels) to store your messages in. Gmail has already created some labels for you.

To move a message, check mark it and then select the location you want to move it to. You have have a message in more than one label by using the labels drop down to assign additional lables to the message.

You can create new labels using "Create new label" under the "More" link at the left. You can then move your messages from your Inbox into the desired label.

Changing Options

After you use your email for a while you may decide you want to change some of the options (set up a filter, add a signature, etc.) In Gmail, click "Settings" by your email address to make these kinds of changes. The settings screen shown below lets you configure the various settings.

When you are finished working with Gmail, click the "Sign Out" link or just close the window.