my.chemeketa Email

All Chemeketa Community College students have an email account through (often still referred to as campus pipeline)


Students can use this email account to contact their Instructors, fellow students, or others. my.chemeketa email is a Web based email system that allows you to send and receive email from any computer that has a Web browser. If you already have email and do not plan on using my.chemeketa email, you should still read this information for options on how to send email sent to your my.chemeketa email to the email you regularly use. Your Instructors may use your my.chemeketa email address to send you information about canceled classes or other important class items.

To access your my.chemeketa email center, login to my.chemeketa and click the email icon.

The email center will launch in a new browser window. Notice that your my.chemeketa email address is shown in the window at the top left (your login followed by Note: It is critical that you include the cp in the when telling someone what your email address is. Without it, you won't get email that is sent to you.

Note: my.chemeketa email has a lot of capabilities that are not covered on this page. To learn more about Campus Pipeline email, click at the top of my.chemeketa Email Center window to learn about the email system.

A few basic things you need to know how to do are:

Compose (Send):

To send an email message click at the top of the window.

The Compose Message window will be displayed. Fill in the following information to compose your message:

When you are done with your message and any other options you want, click the Send button to send the message.


Any messages you have will be displayed by the person it's from, the subject, size, and date/time it was sent. To read a message just click on it. The message will be displayed in the lower part of the window.

Notice that the icons next to the messages are different. Theicon indicates that you have not read that message, where as theicon indicates that the message has been read.


After you read a message, you may want to reply back. At the top and bottom of the email message you will see several options.

Allows you to reply only to the message sender.
Allows you to reply to the message sender and all other message recipients (except Bcc recipients).

When you select either of these, the compose email window opens. The To line will be filled in with the email address of the individual who sent the message and, if "reply to all" has been selected, the addresses of any other recipients will be filled in. The subject line contains the subject of the message that you are replying to, prefaced by the abbreviation "Re."

In the Enter Message box, type your reply to the message at the top. The original message will be at the bottom and you should leave it there. This is there in case the person you are replying to does not remember what the original message was about and wants to refer to it to put your reply in context.


When your done reading your email, click to close the email window.

Forwarding Campus Pipeline email to another email account

There are many options available from the options tab.

If you regularly use another email account, the most important of these to you will be the Auto Forward option.

As it states this will allow you to forward any email send to your Campus Pipeline email account to your other email address. Just click the link and enter your other email address.

Use these links to find Chemeketa email addresses: