"For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge, increases sorrow."
-Ecclesiastes 1:18

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
-Saying of the United States Marine Corps


Erik's Giant Page of Awesome Links

Higher Education

     Chemeketa Community College public web site
     Physical Science program web site
     eLearn provides secure content to enrolled students
     My Chemeketa for registration
     Educational Assistance Resources such as tutoring and study skills
     Student Rights and Academic Policies
     Chemeketa Online

Online Introductory Physics for Credit (not conceptual, technical, or astronomy)

Institution Math (A = algebra-based, C = calculus-based, B = both) Labs (H = home-based kits, V = virtual or video analysis, C = campus-based, N = none)
Chemeketa Community College A H
Colorado Community Colleges Online (includes many community colleges in Colorado) B H
Eastern Oregon University A H
Rio Salado College (Arizona) A C
State University New York Online (includes University of Buffalo and others) B C
Brigham Young University (Utah) A N
University of North Dakota C C
Ellis University (Illinois) C  
North Carolina State C V
Michigan State University B  
University of Virginia    
Northern Virginia Community College B C
Mississippi Virtual Community College A H
Kenai Peninsula College (Alaska) A C
College of Southern Maryland A H
University of Tennessee C H
Parkland Community College (Illinois) A V
College of DuPage (Illinois) A  
Western Governors University    
Coastline Community College (California) A C
Ocean County College (New Jersey) A H
Arizona State University A  
University of Idaho A N
University of Nebraska-Lincoln A H
Kapiolani Community College (Hawaii) C  
Florida International University A V
University of Wisconsin A N
Northwest Vista College (Texas) A  
Regents Online (Tennessee) B  
University of Oklahoma C  
Western Texas College A  
Southeastern Community College (North Carolina) C  
Michigan Tech B  
North Lake College (Texas), also listed under Dallas Community Colleges A H and C
Kirtland Community College (Michigan) B  
University of Missouri A N
University of North Carolina A N
Herkimer Community College A  
Community College of Allegheny County A  
Rutgers University A C
University of New England A H
Georgia Perimeter College B  
University of Missouri Online B V
Columbus State Community College A  
Indiana University of Pennsylvania A C
Great Basin College (Nevada) C  
Iowa Central Community College A V
University of Texas C N
American Public University System C V
Southern New Hampshire University A H
University of New England A H
Mayville State University B  
Straighterline (credit awarded through other institutions) A H
Randolph College A H
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges A V
Open University (UK)    
Athabasca University (Canada)    

Open Online Courses (not for credit online)
     MIT Open Courseware Physics
     Open Learning Initiative Physics (Carnegie-Mellon)
     Open Yale Course Fundamentals of Physics
     NPTEL (India)
     HippoCampus (community college level)
     Khan Academy
     University of the People (no physics)
     Saylor Foundation (physics offered in chemistry)
     Coursera (collaboration among Princeton, Stanford, Michigan, and Penn; heavy on computer science; no physics)

Physics Information Online

The Physics Classroom (high school level)
OpenStax College physics textbook
Physics Wikipedia entry
HyperPhysics from Georgia State
Light and Matter physics textbook
Connexions physics textbook
World of Physics from Wolfram Research
The Physics Hypertextbook (incomplete)
The Mechanical Universe video series

Physics Organizations

APS American Physical Society
     Education and Outreach
     Forum on Education
PhysTEC Physics Teacher Education Coalition
IOP Institute of Physics (UK)
EPS European Physical Society
AAPT American Association of Physics Teachers
     Oregon section of AAPT
PNACP Pacific Northwest Association for College Physics
OAS Oregon Academy of Science
Department of Energy Office of Science Education
     Community College Institutes (Paid internships for community college students)
NSF National Science Foundation
     REU Research Experience for Undergraduates
Two Year College Physics Workshops


John Baez
Alan Sokal's Articles. We have modern physics. How about some postmodern physics?
Tim Thompson

Physics Programs

PhET Simulations
Physlets (educational java applets) from Davidson College
Physlet Database hosted at Erskine College
Math, Physics, and Engineering applets, especially waves, E&M, quantum
ActivPhysics animations from Addison-Wesley
Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy
BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing is a platform for distributed computing
     SETI search for extra-terrestrial intelligence in your computer's spare time
     Einstein@Home search for gravitational waves in your computer's spare time
          Check on Chemeketa in the list of top junior college teams

Other Physics Resources

How to Study Physics
About Physics
PhysicsWeb, publication of UK's Institute of Physics
Physics Forums
Movie Physics discusses physics in popular movies
Physics questions from the University of Maryland Department of Physics
Physics challenges from Duke University
The Engineering Toolbox provides good tables on physical constants
Math and Physics Help is an assortment of articles on math and physics written for students
comPADRE Physics education resource center
arXiv.org is a large, searchable database of papers in physics and related fields

 Physics Instruction

Mad About Physics by Jargodzki and Potter
Peer Instruction by Eric Mazur
Five Easy Lessons by Randall Knight

Exercise, Sports, and Health

Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash
Spartan Race
Salem Ultimate
Willamette Valley Road Runners
Mayo Clinic health information
Basketball Prospectus
82games pro basketball analysis
Tuesday Morning Quarterback pro football column
Advanced NFL Stats
Baseball Prospectus baseball analysis


ASCII Rock Bill Gates meets Beavis and Butthead
WFMU variety radio station
     Playlists and Archives


The Skeptic's Dictionary
The Skeptics Society
Science-Based Medicine
CSICOP Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Snopes urban legends reference page
Urban Legends
What's the Harm?
Astronomical Pseudoscience from the Astronomical Society of The Pacific


David Jensen, brother, theologian (list of books below)
     In the Company of Others: A Dialogical Christology
     Graced Vulnerability: A Theology Of Childhood
     Responsive Labor: A Theology of Work
     Living Hope: The Future and Christian Faith
     God, Desire, and a Theology of Human Sexuality
Mette Juul Sondergaard, second cousin once removed, artist
Illahe Vineyards, friend's winery
Brad Ford's writing
Dan May, friend, artist
Karen Rechtschaffen, aunt, artist


History of Salem
Salem Then and Now
IgNobel Prizes
Talk Origins
     Evolution Articles
North Korea's Haircut Campaign
North Korean Song of National Defense Video
Ask A Ninja


North Korea's haircut campaign

A haircut every 15 days

The TV holds up this man as exhibiting a correct haircut. It recommends 1-5cm for back and sides and 5cm for tops of heads. If they've still got any, men over 50 are allowed up to 7cm, to cover baldness. Visits to the barber should be made every 15 days. A man's hairstyle reflects his "ideological spirit", the propaganda says.