"For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge, increases sorrow."
-Ecclesiastes 1:18

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
-Saying of the United States Marine Corps

"If there's a problem, yo, I'll solve it."
-Vanilla Ice



Office: Building 8, Room 221D
Mailing Address: 4000 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem, OR 97309, USA

I teach PH201-PH203 (an algebra-based introductory physics sequence) both campus-based and online (lab and lecture), PH211-PH213 (a calculus-based introductory physics sequence), and sometimes PH111 (physics for fire science and emergency services). For more information about me, see my CV. I have a blog on science and teaching.

Here is what a few students say about me on ratemyprofessors.com:

  • "This was pretty awful. I was told to take physics at ccc and NOT at wou. Either physics is the worst class to ever take, or he is an awful teacher. the only thing good about the class was he is pretty good looking. The only thing keeping my grade afloat is the fact he gives partial credit."

  • "Eric is a very nice, friendly teacher. The material is hard, but he does what he can to make it understandable. If you are having trouble with the homework or tests just visit his office and he'll really help. He may seem like a scary bear but he's actually easy going and nice. :) I recommend him~ "

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